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I am a writer, yoga instructor, and teacher of contemplative approaches to creativity. I write short fiction and performance texts, and perform my own work as part of a duo, 'Bespoken'. I also enjoy creative collaborations with other artists. I have extensive experience of training and mentoring writers and performers, and of teaching creativity in the workplace. My writing and teaching both arise from a foundation of meditational practice. I am a Kripalu Yoga teacher, and have a particular interest in the ways in which meditation and yoga can support creative work. I have presented academic papers on contemplative education and psychophysical performance at a number of international conferences, and have published in academic journals.

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The Yoga of Creativity / Tue 30 to Sat 13 Sep 2014 (-16 days)

A one-day workshop exploring meditation in movement as a way to creativity. What happens when we move into creative tasks from states of aligned and embodied mindfulness? How can finding energetic flow enable us to find ...