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I am an ex-PCAD student with workspace to rent in Torquay. Hoping to attract jewellers, printers, graphic designers, etc. Bringing in two kilns for glass and enamelling. The workspace 3 distinct areas to provide plenty of space for both clean (illustration, multi-media, etc) and dirty work (plaster, clay, welding, etc). There is 3 phase. Looking at broadband for web access. Idea to create a hub for all crafts to work and bounce ideas about. There is the possibility of more space when, and if, required.

There is a larger sister workspace in Bodmin, Cornwall, providing space for large scale work.

Damien Donn


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3D workspace Torquay / Wed 15 Apr 2009

I am a 3D Artist, working in a range of media: kiln fuse glass, casting, screen printing, metal work and 2D design. I have got a studio space in Torquay and am seeking other creative individuals from Torbay, Teignbridge ...