Dee Neilson / Illustrator Dora Neilson

My work is inspired by past experiences, drawing from nature and the urban landscape.

My most recent work is based around old family photos, with the focus on seaside holidays.
The eight images were brought together in a concertina book, celebrating changing seaside experiences.

Previous work, has involved constructing small 3D wire sculptures, which combined with other media, such as printing, drawing and collage, become 2D images when photographed. The 3D models can stand on their own as pieces of art.

The eight images are part of a book, telling the story of my mother leaving Antwerp on the SS Belgenland (Red Star Line) in 1926 en route to New York.

In the past I have experimented with blind drawing the Dartmoor landscape, enhancing the images with the use of matchstick ends set alight.

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