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D M Hemming / Novelist / Poet / Knitwear Designer / Textile Artist

D M Hemming

Novelist / Poet / Knitwear Designer / Textile Artist

Dawn's unpublished novels have been both short and long-listed for novel awards since 1999. She is currently looking for an agent and publisher for her work, including a children's Fantasy novel; 'Shading Jenny' and a S.....Read more

Danyah Miller / Storyteller

Danyah Miller


I am a theatre producer, storyteller, writer, workshop leader and mum. I'm currently touring in Wizard Presents productions’ of ‘I Believe in Unicorns’ by Michael Morpurgo, which received an Argus Angel Award for Arti.....Read more

Dartington Arts

Dartington International Summer School and Festival

Dartington is a place of shimmering, ancient beauty, and its historical Summer School is for everyone: for professional musicians and music students, for people who love to play and people who love to listen. By day, .....Read more

Deborah / Freelance Community Artist


Freelance Community Artist

I'm a teacher, storyteller, writer and community artist, with loads of experience in visual, textile and performance arts, working on a freelance basis in schools, community centres, youth clubs, prisons, shopping centre.....Read more

Deborah Templeton

Deborah Templeton

I am a writer, yoga instructor, and teacher of contemplative approaches to creativity. I write short fiction and performance texts, and perform my own work as part of a duo, 'Bespoken'. I also enjoy creative collaboratio.....Read more

Dex Hannon / 4 artists, one mind

Dex Hannon

4 artists, one mind

I make and use sounds. I paint abstract paintings and sometimes remix them to create new digital interpretations. I sometimes take photos. I also shape sentences into interesting stories. I go where the idea tak.....Read more

DillyWorm Crafts / Jewellery and Textiles

DillyWorm Crafts

Jewellery and Textiles

Mother and daughter team making and sourcing crafts in Chichester, West Sussex: homeware, jewellery and gifts inspired by nature and literature. We specialise in pocket watch pendants, Alice in Wonderland jewellery .....Read more

Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize / Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize

Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize

Doncaster Hosts Booker Prize

Doncaster has been named as The Booker Prize for Fiction’s partner for its regional events in 2020. The partnership with Doncaster Creates, the dynamic arts programme set up to nurture the creativity in the town, will.....Read more

Doncaster Libraries / Creative Hubs

Doncaster Libraries

Creative Hubs

There are 25 Libraries across Doncaster providing community hubs and access to literature for all ages both on and offline. A broad range of cultural activities takes place in libraries, including reading groups, arts & .....Read more

Dougie Brimson / author and screenwriter.

Dougie Brimson

author and screenwriter.

Having written 15 books and two multi award winning feature films in under 20 years, former serviceman Dougie Brimson has emerged as one of Britain’s most popular genre writers. After 18 years service with the Royal A.....Read more

DreuCant / Politics



having my thoughts and fear is still just a four letter word The is three obv attempt an graffiti becomes itself in time falling into a spectrum of disccusion all cliche nd ignorance of the spin cycle so sor.....Read more