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Emma Capper / Expressive Artist and nature and Forest therapy guide

Emma Capper

Expressive Artist and nature and Forest therapy guide

I am for the Art that takes its form through the sight of my spirits eye. A view without a formed beginning, an adventure of expression through the happy accident of lines meeting colour, a flick, a jump, .....Read more

Appleseed Jewellery.

Totally Unique Environmentally Friendly Jewellery... ♥

Appleseed Jewellery ( Environmentally Friendly Jewellery ) Every piece of appleseed jewellery is totally unique and handmade in Torquay. I try and incorporate recycled or reclaimed metals into the pieces and every pi.....Read more

Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair - Artist.....Shmartist

Ian. Grew up in St Ives. Consequently constantly asking myself 'WTF IS ART'? Ended up in cartographic draughtmanship. Computers happened. Now i am trying to have fun with materials and techniques - 1. Because it is so mu.....Read more

Martin Bush Fine Art

Martin Bush Fine Art

A painter for over 15 years Martins work as journed through the abstract with hints of landscape, waterscape and quite often figerative hidden with in. Many who visit his very own gallery in the Royal William Yard Plymou.....Read more

Clem So

Clem So : Tracing The Intangible

My work is an on going investigation into my Chinese identity, but also the feeling of loss, a numbness of something not quite there. I can be a person at cross-purpose with myself, a dual identity that reveals itself i.....Read more

Alison Jacobs

Alison Jacobs

Painter trying to capture the allure of the South West Coast. Starting a quest to paint from Steart in Somerset to Steart Farm in Devon. Have been painting farm animals and landscapes full time for the last 5 years an.....Read more

Peapod Creations

Emma Jones/ Peapod Creations

I use quality paper sto create origami creatures combining them with vintage buttons and beads, bells, light catching ctrystals and shells... as well as anything else I can get my hand, to create utterly unique mobiles...Read more

Jain McKay

Jain McKay

Freelance artist and event organizer. Saatchi I Left my Hair Facebook Jain-McKays-artwork Twitter Wordpress.....Read more

Sonje hibbert

Ceramic Artist

Sonje Hibbert is an artist whose genre has been influenced by extensive living and travelling abroad. Working with issues and concerns of the contemporary world, the current aspect of her figurative ceramic work fuses a .....Read more


Coastal Collection

A range of hand crafted quirky ceramics, inspired by the colourful harbour's of Devon and Cornwall. Indivdual little sculptures of houses, boats, beach huts and fish. Every one hand painted so no two are ever the same......Read more

Toni Spencer

Toni Spencer Artist, Facilitator, Educator, Forager

Toni Spencer is a trans-disciplinary artist working in response to personal and collective questions of culture and sustainability. Whatever that might mean... Professionally Toni has over 10yrs experience as an educato.....Read more

carlota_unexpected sun

Unexpected sun

Hi! My name is Carlota. I’m from Barcelona, Spain, but I’m currently living in Torquay to work as an intern in the Torbay Council’ Art Department. As a way to report my summer experience here in Torquay (and why not? to .....Read more

Su Dodd

Su Dodd

I am a visual artist at present I am interested in symbolism, myth, fairy tales and allegory. I am currently exploring the psychology behind these themes with playful imagery in my work...Read more

Euphrosene Labon Art and Books / Bio

Euphrosene Labon Art and Books


Words Ideas And Images To Make You Think is my tagline. I am an artist-writer and author. I specialise in all mind body spirit themes in my art and writings. My books are more pragmatic. They are educational, desig.....Read more

Makers and Creators / Art Workshops

Makers and Creators

Art Workshops

Makers and Creators offers a wide range of art and craft workshops suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, with a strong focus on providing socially inclusive activities. With a hands on approach to learning, p.....Read more

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