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Artist Rich Spicer / Painter & Writer

Artist Rich Spicer

Painter & Writer

Artist and writer living in Worthing. My work is animal and botanical based with a belief that life is most beautiful in its detail. I create paintings which show the beauty, power and freedom in animals. As the painting.....Read more

Arts Society Huddersfield / Lectures

Arts Society Huddersfield


The Arts Society Huddersfield is part of a network of over 90,000 people worldwide - brought together through a shared curiosity for the arts and our artistic heritage. The Arts Society Huddersfield offers enjoyable oppo.....Read more

Artsantosha / Paintings for Sale


Paintings for Sale

My name is SharĂ²n Cohen & I am a Shenley-based Fine Artist . My abstract and organic style celebrates the beauty, flow and expressive qualities of lines, shapes and vibrant colours. This is inspired by love, my fami.....Read more

Artspip / creative workshops for children


creative workshops for children

Artspip workshops explore visual and dramatic arts with children aged 2 - 8 years, and are soon taking place in a range of locations around Worthing. Beth Banner is a qualified youth & community worker providing exciti.....Read more

Arty Ellen

Arty Ellen

I am a creative individual full of ideas. I design cards, posters, cd covers and much much more. I am always making new things and learning new arts and crafts, at the moment I am sketching landscape pictures and recen.....Read more



Fine Art student, passionate about art and culture, wanting to be more involve in any activity, exhibition or course...Read more

Aspen Stained Glass / Aspen Stained Glass

Aspen Stained Glass

Aspen Stained Glass

I design and make a variety of decorative items for the home and garden from stained glass, using traditional leading and copper foiling techniques...Read more

Aspire Huddersfield / Aspire

Aspire Huddersfield


Creatively ageing community groups in Birkby and Fartown, providing a welcoming space to connect with people, create something, and care about your community. A program tailored to give participants the chance to try .....Read more

Audrey Hammett / Ceramics and textiles

Audrey Hammett

Ceramics and textiles

Artist working with ceramics and textiles, just completing a BA. in Contemporary Applied Art at University of Hertfordshire. Keen to volunteer and work with local community art projects...Read more

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