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Angharad Thomas/designer / Designer

Angharad Thomas/designer


Textile design/ knitting/research. I am a designer, maker and researcher. My focus is hand knitted gloves and I knit these, often for friends but also to commission. I will run workshops on textile design, knitt.....Read more

Hertford Museum / Hertford Museum

Hertford Museum

Hertford Museum

Hertford Museum aims to collect, preserve and interpret evidence of the history of the county town and surrounding parishes in the district of East Hertfordshire for the interest, enjoyment and understanding of the local.....Read more

Katy Jane Measures / Artist / Tutor

Katy Jane Measures

Artist / Tutor

2D & 3D Illustrations, Ceramics and Textiles. Shop owner of MadeByKatyJane. I am also a qualified Art Teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector. I offer private tuition for writing dissertations within the arts/teachin.....Read more

PillingerArts / Artist



Steph Pillinger hasn’t had what you would call a “traditional” art career, but that doesn’t stop her being creative and applying herself in an artistic way. She graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2004 with a .....Read more

Ursula / Superact CIC - Arts and Wellbeing


Superact CIC - Arts and Wellbeing

Superact CIC is an organisation that uses creativity to improve the lives of vulnerable groups and bring communities together. We provide music for hospitals and people living with dementia; run participatory storytel.....Read more

Art with Tricia / courses and tuition

Art with Tricia

courses and tuition

Art courses in the West Sussex area. Friendly and supportive tuition tailored to your needs, with Tricia Johnson. I teach a variety of courses around West Sussex, including, Life Drawing, Painting, Drawing, Pastels, Mix.....Read more




Our beautiful healing and treatment rooms are set out over three floors offering you a peaceful sanctuary to relax, heal and connect with your inner-self. Our elemental rooms are designed specifically for our treatments .....Read more

DillyWorm Crafts / Jewellery and Textiles

DillyWorm Crafts

Jewellery and Textiles

Mother and daughter team making and sourcing crafts in Chichester, West Sussex: homeware, jewellery and gifts inspired by nature and literature. We specialise in pocket watch pendants, Alice in Wonderland jewellery .....Read more

Debrafide Designs / Creative

Debrafide Designs


Debrafide: A Creative Artist, Jewellery Maker, Seamstress, Tailor & Textile Upcycler. Since August 2015: Researcher, Campaigner & Public Speaker on ‘The Dolly Shepherd Story’. (Born: Potters Bar - Died: Eastbourne) T.....Read more

Richard Shaw / Animator/Playworker/Youth Worker

Richard Shaw

Animator/Playworker/Youth Worker

I'm a freelance animator, currently working in two schools to gain more formal experience of working with children, with the aim of running creative projects with young people full time. I've also been a volunteer for.....Read more

Bubsie / Singing Teacher & Musician


Singing Teacher & Musician

Singing Teacher Chichester..Read more

The ReStore / The ReStore

The ReStore

The ReStore

The Re-Store is a Refurnish Devon social enterprise which ‘Repairs, Rejuvenates and Recreates’ donated furniture and furnishings, providing opportunities for individuals to gain skills, improve their personal wellbeing, .....Read more

Chris Alsop / Illustrator

Chris Alsop


I am a freelance illustrator based in Huddersfield. I love drawing pretty much everything. I work mostly in traditional media with a minimum of digital interference. I've had a range of clients- from local bands to cinem.....Read more

RECOVER / 'Up-cycling furniture & lives'


'Up-cycling furniture & lives'

RECOVER is a vibrant, exciting & inspirational furniture up-cycling Social Enterprise with a fabulous artisan workshop / showroom in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. At it's heart is our commitment to sustainability b.....Read more

Von Allen - Heartfelt Dogs / Heartfelt Dogs - Von Allen

Von Allen - Heartfelt Dogs

Heartfelt Dogs - Von Allen

I’ve worked in the arts since graduating from Huddersfield University in 1984, in both the performing and visual arts fields. Paper became my thing for a while and I even went back to college to qualify as a Bookbinder b.....Read more

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