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nadia / operativeneighbourhoods



I am a spatial practitioner and researcher based in West Yorkshire, specialising in critical spatial practice and community engagement. My current activity focuses on the collective production of culture as a practice of.....Read more

Naomi Lang / Creative Copywriter

Naomi Lang

Creative Copywriter

As a professional writer, I provide words and ideas. I love Creative Torbay and am keen to work with creatives in Devon and beyond to provide the words to express and sell your work; for websites, blogs, or simply ma.....Read more

National Open Art Competition / National Open Art Competition

National Open Art Competition

National Open Art Competition

The National Open Art Competition open to all level artists accepting Drawings Paintings Original Prints Wall Hung Installations Photographs and new for 2012 Street Art and Computer Generated Art Total Prize Fund £40K.....Read more


North Doncaster Development Trust

North Doncaster Development Trust (NDDT) serves our local communities by bringing groups and organisations together and providing support for them to establish, grow and thrive. Our micro grant offers up to £250 for.....Read more

Neomari Creative Sector Services

What we do

Pathways to the Creative Industry - Employment, Learning, Enterprise and Wellbeing. Workshops, networking, one to one support and events. Working with organisations to provide services to their members Functional A.....Read more

Nestegg Antiques / Salt Glazed Stoneware Pottery Mugs

Nestegg Antiques

Salt Glazed Stoneware Pottery Mugs

Salt Glazed Stoneware Pottery Mugs, jugs, stoneware tankard, salt glaze pottery. Visit us for more collection of antique pottery, stoneware mugs, stoneware jugs, dinnerware by ceramic artists..Read more

New Maynard Gallery / New Maynard Gallery

New Maynard Gallery

New Maynard Gallery

The New Maynard Gallery is the gallery space within the foyer of the Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City. This is a non-profit making charitable trust exhibiting both professional and amateur artists fro.....Read more

New Maynard Gallery / New Maynard Gallery

New Maynard Gallery

New Maynard Gallery

The New Maynard Gallery is a free Art Gallery located in central Welwyn Garden City. The gallery offers free exhibitions for Hertfordshire artists, taking just 25% off any sales made during an exhibition. We also hold .....Read more

Nicholas Bellamy / Sculptor

Nicholas Bellamy


My ceramic sculptures are a personal and artistic interpretation into the hidden and subconscious world of human emotions. I create dark, flowing and twisting forms, structures that explore then reveal the positive and n.....Read more

Nick Bain / Art

Nick Bain


Acrylic Artist, best described as a Naïve Impressionist. Colourful and simple artwork...Read more

Nicky Stevenson / Nicky Stevenson Artist

Nicky Stevenson

Nicky Stevenson Artist

The ethos behind my work is that one has a moral duty to remain optimistic. My work is a painted diary. The images reflect events and things I have seen or heard in my life. I studied Ceramics at Middlesex University and.....Read more

Nikki Hemstock / Flock Interiors

Nikki Hemstock

Flock Interiors

Flock - a creative hub, bringing together some of the South West’s top artists & designers, sharing skills in a range of bespoke Interior design, Lifestyle and Wellbeing courses & workshops...Read more

Nismail / Talent Reel


Talent Reel

“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity.” – Linda Naiman “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, b.....Read more



Nocci is a free network for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industries. We run very relaxed social and networking events to allow our members to meet up in a friendly environment. Nocci is for .....Read more

North Herts Guild / craft organisation

North Herts Guild

craft organisation

We are a fairly small, but enthusiastic group of people who enjoy the crafts of spinning, weaving and dyeing. We meet on the first and third Thursday evenings of the month at 7.45pm at Letchworth Settlement, Nevells Road.....Read more

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