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Stanstead Abbots Art Trail 2020

During the Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020, I am organising an Art Trail through Stanstead Abbotts. This will involve businesses in the High Street hosting pieces of art work in their business premises for two weeks b.....Read more

Lottie Matthews / Interdisciplinary Creative Practitioner

Lottie Matthews

Interdisciplinary Creative Practitioner

Concept-led into an exploration of authentic aesthetic and artistic expression, my work plays between multiple visual art mediums, such as textiles, sculpture, photography, written word and installation. Developing tacti.....Read more

Brian Worthington MBE / Brian Worthington MBE

Brian Worthington MBE

Brian Worthington MBE

Chairman of Ware Operatic who produce a yearly show at Hertford Theatre ,and two shows at Ware Drill Hall one in July as part of the Ware Festival Week and a Cabaret Show in November We rehearse in The Southern Malt.....Read more

Crafty Home/YagaART / Crafty Home Almondbury

Crafty Home/YagaART

Crafty Home Almondbury

I am a creative being happy to share my creativity with the world. I love creating in many different forms and I do not limit myself to specific kind of art, however I can say that I love to bring life into those unloved.....Read more

Mike Lansdown / mike lansdown

Mike Lansdown

mike lansdown

I am a published author with a real interest in writing - both creative and factual. I have written two books for teachers and have a novel, aimed mainly at children/ young adults, the sequel of which I am working on now.....Read more

Culture Pagoda / Chinese Culture and Language Learning Workshops

Culture Pagoda

Chinese Culture and Language Learning Workshops

Learning is Fun. Culture Pagoda runs many learning workshops to encourage creativity and well being. Long developed Chinese Culture and Philosophy, such as mindfulness and healthy living, have adapted by more and mor.....Read more

Paul Dobson

Paul R Dobson - Popart & Retro Design

Torbay Artsbase Award Winner 2008 for Creative Contribution to the Community. The Award was won as a result of a very successful working partnership with Sarah Welsh from Mewstones Ltd. for coordinating "Space Invaders".....Read more

One Accord / One Accord Singing Group & Choir

One Accord

One Accord Singing Group & Choir

One Accord has a well deserved reputation for its high quality musical performances. While the small ensemble choir entertains its audiences with lively and beautifully crafted 4 part harmony works, many of its members a.....Read more

Diana Booth / artist

Diana Booth


Living and working in theSouth Hams in Devon for many years I have returned to painting with renewed vision and energy exploring an exhilarating, vibrant approach to using oils in a contemporary style. The rugged for.....Read more

Nicky Stevenson / Nicky Stevenson Artist

Nicky Stevenson

Nicky Stevenson Artist

The ethos behind my work is that one has a moral duty to remain optimistic. My work is a painted diary. The images reflect events and things I have seen or heard in my life. I studied Ceramics at Middlesex University and.....Read more

Scott Evans

Devon Unsigned 2009

Scott Evans (contributor to the Hearlds Express weekly Lowe Down Column and is teaming up with the management team at Mojo’s ‘live’ music venue Bar on Torquay seafront to stage a mammoth showcase of Devon.....Read more

Kate Paxman / Kate Paxman

Kate Paxman

Kate Paxman

Kate's latest work is a 3-screen moving image and audio installation in the Guardhouse Visitor Centre, Berry Head NNR, Brixham. Emerging from her research for the Smooth Space project 'over the horizon' the installation .....Read more

Laura Hetherington

Laura Hetherington and Troubadour Theatre

My experience includes: * Artistic Director for the National Trust Theatre - participatory theatre with workshops * Manager and Director of Troubadour Theatre - participatory theatre for children * Arts residencies - wor.....Read more

The Weaver Twins

The Weaver Twins

well we've sifted through a few ghosts - junked a few old things, y'know? five heavy doses of barbara's electrical black elixir, langoustine noodlings with lashings of iffy ketchup brixham bash outs and live beets twitch.....Read more

Jeno Lloyd

Glass Artist / Painter

Originally from London I started studying art as soon as I left school. I went onto college to study all different aspects of the subject, finally moving down to the South West to further my education in the Arts and Cra.....Read more

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