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Diane Richardson

Marketing and Communications Officer, Kirklees Council...Read more


Tim Sayer

Tim Sayer is a artist working in the area of digital music performance systems and currently a senior lecturer in Digital Media and Communication at the University College Plymouth St Mark and St John. Tim is also a mult.....Read more

Dionne Swift / Textile Artist and Tutor

Dionne Swift

Textile Artist and Tutor

Award winning Textile Artist and Tutor based in Holmfirth...Read more

Divine Photography

Art & Documentary Photographs by Kallum Shah

Welcome! My name is Kallum and I am a photographer in my spare time, as well as taking A2 Photography at College. I hope you enjoy my pieces, and please leave feedback or constructive criticism...Read more



My fascination with photographic images began as a child of very tender years looking at a dog eared, sepia print of my great grandmother...that was a very long time ago! I have been trying to capture that awe and wonder.....Read more

Doctor Simpo / Simpotoons Studio

Doctor Simpo

Simpotoons Studio

Ben Simpson a.k.a Doctor Simpo is a Senior-Lecturer for the BA (Hons) Animation course at Leeds Arts University. He specialises in traditional 2D sequencing techniques in a comic book format learnt from the cohort of cre.....Read more

Doodle Juice Design / profile

Doodle Juice Design


My name is David Officer and I am an experienced graphic designer, digital illustrator and web creator based in Hemel Hempstead. With over 20 years experience in design & illustration plus 10 years in website design, I h.....Read more

Doodle Sketchley / That's Me!

Doodle Sketchley

That's Me!

Well, what can be said about the eccentric and elusive Doodle Sketchley? Photographer of the stars, painter and decorator, etcher and sketcher. Often around but rarely seen. Regularly on the receiving end of rhetorical .....Read more

Doug King-Smith / sculpture, woodland, hillyfield, mongolian overtone singing

Doug King-Smith

sculpture, woodland, hillyfield, mongolian overtone singing

Doug King-Smith: Self-employed artist. I am a Sculptor and Woodsman. Having studied anthropology at university, my life passion is to explore and encourage sustainability and community. I moved to Devon in 2006 a.....Read more

Dougie Brimson / author and screenwriter.

Dougie Brimson

author and screenwriter.

Having written 15 books and two multi award winning feature films in under 20 years, former serviceman Dougie Brimson has emerged as one of Britain’s most popular genre writers. After 18 years service with the Royal A.....Read more

Drama Workshops

Jude's Drama

I run Drama workshops: Currently rather busy so no availability but some exciting news...Read more


Isla May Eko

I view my art work has purely spiritual in that painting reflect aspects of the universe. Some of my painting are based on planetry movement with great empastic on the movements of colour. My inspiration comes from .....Read more

DreuCant / Politics



having my thoughts and fear is still just a four letter word The is three obv attempt an graffiti becomes itself in time falling into a spectrum of disccusion all cliche nd ignorance of the spin cycle so sor.....Read more

dthrussell / Artist



Freelance Artist & Arts administrator (Arts in Action coordinator and director for C-Goo), Paintings, drawings & photography. Commissions, exhibitions and workshops with experience of arts development through working a.....Read more

Duncan Osborne / Pointillist Artist

Duncan Osborne

Pointillist Artist

I have had a professional career as a designer and illustrator for 25 years and I am now re-discovering my love of pen and ink drawing. The technique that fascinates me is Pointillism. The accuracy and tonal depth off.....Read more

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