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Julia / Illustrator



I am a Devon based illustrator, living and working in Torquay. I have always been creative and grew up with the countryside as my playground. I love the natural environment and have drawn wildlife, flora and fauna from a.....Read more

Julia /


I want you to WRITE for the pure EXCITEMENT and ENJOYMENT of writing. I believe every story is worth telling. “Let me help you write the stories you love to write & the stories your readers love to read!” – .....Read more

Julia Batten

Julia Batten

Fused glass jewellery and art...Read more

Julia Borodina / Fine Art Painter

Julia Borodina

Fine Art Painter

I greatly enjoy working outdoors when I can, it gives me an opportunity to develop suitable compositions and experiment with light conditions. I am interested in painting ‘portraits’ of things and places...Read more

Julia Elmore


Visual artist working mostly in acrylic paint on wood...Read more

Julia Fonnereau / Creative Artist and Designer

Julia Fonnereau

Creative Artist and Designer

After a career teaching other people to create as an Art and Design Teacher, I have taken a leap of faith and have decided that it is now time I started doing the creating for a change. Having experimented with just abou.....Read more

Julia Hallawell LGC / Broadway Cinema and Theatre, Studio and Gallery

Julia Hallawell LGC

Broadway Cinema and Theatre, Studio and Gallery

The iconic Art Deco Broadway in Letchworth Garden City is now home to a new two-in-one theatre and cinema space. Its sister venue is Broadway Studio and Gallery, a flexible space for events, and a gallery which displays .....Read more

Julian / Illustrator



Julian Beresford is a freelance illustrator based in England, UK, specialising in children’s Illustrations. He grew up in the southwest of London. Where he spent most of his childhood lost in his imagination, drawing .....Read more

Julian Seager Actor / Julian Seager Actor

Julian Seager Actor

Julian Seager Actor

Professional Actor living in Torbay. I have worked on a wide range of feature films and television shows. in the last year I have performed with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hiddlestone, R.....Read more

Julian Wathen / Actor, Singer, Musician

Julian Wathen

Actor, Singer, Musician

Actor, singer (baritone), musician (guitar, bass-guitar) and occasional dancer. Interested in performance. Acting credits include: Harry Brewer, John Arscott, Cpt Jemmie Campbell (Our Country's Good), Puck (A Midsumm.....Read more

JulianSummerhayes / juliansummerhayes



A holistic business coach working with small business owners, professional service firms and high-growth companies who are seeking an inside-out approach to the world of business coaching. As someone who's been at the sh.....Read more

Julie Ann's Gallery / Julie Wrathall / Julie Ann

Julie Ann's Gallery

Julie Wrathall / Julie Ann

Visual artist, specialising in Encaustic Wax art, sharing skills, and helping people become creative…! Large art studio in Bourne End, where I run workshops in spring and autumn, or check out my online courses, 'Pai.....Read more

Julie Hogarth-Jones / art

Julie Hogarth-Jones


I am a mainly self-taught, professional artist born and working in Paignton, South Devon, and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I use a variety of media including soft pastels, acrylic, charco.....Read more

Julie Liebling - Artist / - Painter

Julie Liebling - Artist

- Painter

I am a fine art graduate and mixed media painter working predominantly with oil on canvas. My work is both figurative and semi abstract and currently explores the interplay between emotion and memory. My website is n.....Read more

Julie Melton


Events Manager at University of Hertfordshire..Read more

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