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Becky Nuttall / Artist/Poet

Becky Nuttall


Working from her South Devon-based studio Becky creates mixed media works, collages, paintings and drawings. She is also a published poet. Within these works are text and illustrations from old bibles and art books; more.....Read more


Contemporary Folk concerts and workshops

A series of contemporary folk music workshops and concerts in and around the South Hams..Read more

belben wells

graphic design

We are a team of creatives with years of experience, a track record of innovation, and an eye for the new and the exciting. We provide design solutions to the public and private sectors, to bluechips and SMEs, for pro.....Read more

belinda read / atta arts and craft

belinda read

atta arts and craft

My art and craft media is ceramics and I have created an individual style by blending traditional materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design. I enjoy working on sculptured and functional pieces using a variety.....Read more

Ben Bennett

Local artist

My work is the result of imaginary invention, I never copy what I see. Instead visual images and feelings percolate in my mind over time until a form or shape comes to mind that I play with on paper to define and give pr.....Read more

Ben Langworthy

the quiet shout is to pull at the loose threads

I am drawn to actions that are ridiculous and seemingly futile, actions that can tip the everyday off balance by using apparent and playful strategies, or simple and near invisible interventions. I often use protagonists.....Read more

Ben Yates / Photography and Innovation

Ben Yates

Photography and Innovation

As a photographer who started in the trade with the digital revolution, I bring something original with my pictures that isn't just a simple print in a frame. I have used minature digital photoframes, put pictures in the.....Read more



Testing Testing 1, 2, 3..Read more

Beth Designs...

freelance graphic designer

Does your company image need updating? Perhaps you are just starting up and need to stand out from the crowd? If you’re looking for an experienced graphic designer to enhance your credibility, but are put off by the jarg.....Read more

Beth Hughes / Textile artist

Beth Hughes

Textile artist

I work in textiles and mixed media from my studio in Dartmouth. I create three dimensional sculptures and vessels made from mainly recycled fabrics, which I explore texturally and finish with a variety of media. My wor.....Read more

beth pearson

Beth Pearson (BA HONS) Fine Art.

Hi my name is Beth and I am an artist living and working in Sidmouth.My work is largely figurative ,I enjoy capturing fleeting moments,sketching very quickly in order to give a freshness and raw nature to the subject...Read more

Bettina Edith Schroeder

Conceptual artist

I am a conceptual artist/sculptor with a background in textiles and fashion, which is reflected in the techniques I use in my work. I work mainly with textile materials in the broadest sense, including metals, plastics, .....Read more


Graphic Designer / Artist

Bex Glover is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist living and working in Bristol. Bex has over six years professional experience as a graphic designer and a lifetime's preoccupation with painting and drawing. Amongst .....Read more

Beyond The Beach / The Secret Wild Swims of Torbay

Beyond The Beach

The Secret Wild Swims of Torbay

Beyond the Beach: The Secret wild Swims of Torbay Matt Newbury and Sophie Pierce share Britain's best kept swimming secret: the coastlines of Torquay, Brixham and Paignton in Devon. Featuring stunning pictures by aw.....Read more

Beyond The Sea

Creative Arts Platform

Beyond The Sea is an arts platform showcasing upcoming talent across the creative industry. We aim to give the young contemporary artists a forum to exhibit, network with like minded creatives, whilst encouraging integra.....Read more

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