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Declan Hoare / Printmaker

Declan Hoare


Printmaker at the Forge Print Studio, Digswell Arts Trust...Read more

Sam Hodgson / Samh

Sam Hodgson


Sam Hodgson (aka Samh) is a songwriter, a researcher, an oral historian and community musician...Read more

SRM Theatre / SRM Theatre

SRM Theatre

SRM Theatre

SRM Theatre Company is a group of ex-Bretton Hall College theatre practitioners based in West Yorkshire making theatre for touring to smaller venues. We have ventured into making videos of our work generated during lockd.....Read more / art


ABOUT ME My name is Nate, I am a 24-year-old Contemporary Art and Illustration graduate and in anticipation of becoming a young professional artist. My work is autobiographical, visualising my inner dialogue for an a.....Read more

Gareth Ballyn / Independent Curator

Gareth Ballyn

Independent Curator

Independent curator working in Torbay, South Hams and Plymouth. Specialising in collaborative work with contemporary visual artists and also in schools...Read more

Sophie Atherton / Freelance Journalist, PR Consultant & Beer Sommelier

Sophie Atherton

Freelance Journalist, PR Consultant & Beer Sommelier

I am a freelance journalist with almost 15 years experience of working in newspapers, PR and radio. I'm available for all sorts of commissions, big or small, national or regional and I also take on other writing jobs suc.....Read more

Christian Parkes

Visionary Artist

Christian Parkes is an emerging artist having first exhibited in 2006. He was born in Torbay, Devon and the power and beauty of the south west continues to inspire him. Christian has always been touched with the creat.....Read more

Paddy Turpin / Tattoo Apprentice

Paddy Turpin

Tattoo Apprentice

It's been a while, huh? My name is Paddy Turpin. I'm 24 years old and am currently apprenticing at Revolver Tattoo Rooms. I'm not currently particularly active on Creative Torbay any more but you can follow my w.....Read more

Danny Cooke / Danny Cooke Freelance Filmmaker

Danny Cooke

Danny Cooke Freelance Filmmaker

I work as a multi-award winning freelance filmmaker, director, editor and cinematographer based in Torbay, Devon, UK. Often I see images and have ideas that I would like to share with others. This is how my films come.....Read more

Galloping Carrot Art / Galloping Carrot Art

Galloping Carrot Art

Galloping Carrot Art

Hi! My name is Laura Fulner and I am an artist/painter based in Teignmouth. I paint a wide variety of subject matters including; seascapes, florals, animals and birds, retro and funky, still life and abstract. I have som.....Read more

Dee Neilson / Illustrator

Dora Neilson

My work is inspired by past experiences, drawing from nature and the urban landscape. My most recent work is based around old family photos, with the focus on seaside holidays. The eight images were brought together in .....Read more

Sue Hardy

Student Artist needs a studio I am looking for an affordable studio space (painting) as my current building is closing. I live in East Herts. It can be very basic. I just need a lock, a water source and electricity. ideall.....Read more

The Choral Engineers / about

The Choral Engineers


The Choral Engineers are a creative community choir led by local composers Hugh Nankivell and Steve Sowden. They meet every Friday morning, between 10:30-12:30 at Paignton Library to sing new songs, chat, improvise, move.....Read more

Miss Twinkle /

Miss Twinkle

Fantastic, Fabulous and fun workshops in Modelmaking and special effects, From 3D junk models to super large Hands, scenery and sets and everything in between. showing the tricks of the trade. special effects make up an.....Read more


My blog about Torbay

This blog is about the experience of a foreign estudent during 3 months in Torbay. Here I can talk about places, exhibitions, experiences, the people, the culture...and all the things that can happen in Torbay. Enjoy it!.....Read more

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