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Laura Figg / Mrs

Laura Figg


Higher Education Strategic Lead at Watford FC's Community Sports & Education Trust. I manage and deliver a Foundation Degree in Football Development & Coaching alongside Middlesex University. The degree is based predom.....Read more

Hannah Pickett Dance / Hannah Pickett Dance

Hannah Pickett Dance

Hannah Pickett Dance

Hannah is a freelance dance artist, teacher and choreographer. She has taught weekly contemporary classes to adults, young people and children and choreographed and produced numerous community and professional dance perf.....Read more

Christa / Artist / Materials Designer


Artist / Materials Designer

Mixed media artist / materials designer. Over the past 14 years, I have specialised in design-led sensory materials that change colour in response to heat, light and moisture. My motivation in developing these materia.....Read more

Sphere IT Consultants Ltd / Sphere IT Consultants Ltd

Sphere IT Consultants Ltd

Sphere IT Consultants Ltd

Providing Outsourced IT Support and IT Consultancy to businesses in and around Hertfordshire..Read more

David Denton Art / David Denton Art

David Denton Art

David Denton Art

I am a Doncaster based artist specialising in incredibly detailed acrylic paintings based on mental health issues. I have produced one series of seven paintings, entitled 'The Seven Gates', based on my experience of .....Read more

Kevin Bovey / Graphic Designer

Kevin Bovey

Graphic Designer

Experienced award-winning graphic designer with a proven track record of applying technical and creative abilities to various projects. These projects include estate agent brochures for Savills, Knight Frank and Jack.....Read more

Kevin Redmayne / Landscapes

Kevin Redmayne


freelance artist living in the lovely town of St Albans. I specialise in creating personalised landscape paintings, through the medium of acrylic and pastels...Read more

Michael Harris Wilson / Artist

Michael Harris Wilson


I am a creative and conservation artist (paintings, sculptures, photography, digital) who absolutely enjoys producing colourful and pleasing artworks. My aim is to brighten up and help improve the well-being of people, a.....Read more

Sara C Dryburgh / Artist

Sara C Dryburgh


Eclectic artist currently based in the North of London. I studied art and worked as Interior Designer in Italy, where I’m from. After a summer course at Edinburgh College of Art, I continued to develop my artistic skills.....Read more

Tim.P.J.Schofield / drums



Drums..Read more


All-round Creative

An imaginative and ambitious ideas factory with a natural talent for creativity, technical dexterity and total hands-on practicality when applying himself to any goal. Win’ really enjoys nurturing / mentoring youth, gett.....Read more

Marian Hall Art / Artist

Marian Hall Art


I’m a textile artist and printmaker. A lot of my work is inspired by nature but recently I have also created art in response to the pandemic. Most of my work is framed but I also create textile hangings which are hung fr.....Read more

MBR - Fine Art / Monisha Bernice Rockett

MBR - Fine Art

Monisha Bernice Rockett

Graduating with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2016, I have continued my passion for art through painting and photography. The main medium I work with is Watercolour and Brusho Inks. Creating a colourful and abstract visual.....Read more

Sundeep (Sunny) Saini / Movement Director & Choreographer

Sundeep (Sunny) Saini

Movement Director & Choreographer

Sundeep is a movement director and choreographer passionate about driving narrative through physicality. She has worked with; performers from 3 years old up to adults, community ensembles and professional companies, .....Read more

Rebecca Feneley / Fashion Illustrator

Rebecca Feneley

Fashion Illustrator

Rebecca is a freelance fashion illustrator and artist from and based in Doncaster. After graduating from Leeds Arts University Rebecca now works freelance specialising in fashion, beauty and product illustration with.....Read more

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