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allan poxton / sculpture

allan poxton


Im self taught. my work is a result of experimenting with the material but always the anatomy of the piece is the most important. I have not yet decided which material i favour, they have their own attractions for me. .....Read more

Little Bird / Fundraising Variety Evening

Little Bird

Fundraising Variety Evening

LITTLE BIRD FUNDRAISING EVENING Sunday May 13th 2012, doors open 7pm, starts 7:30pm Steyning Athletics Club, Charlton Street, Steyning In aid of St Ann's Hospice & The Neuro Foundation Tickets £8.50 from Steynin.....Read more

Janet Mitchell / Mrs

Janet Mitchell


Janet Mitchell is a Fine Arts graduate from Reading University working in collage using paper and oil pastel. I like to incorporate found fonts and images from discarded pieces of paper. These rescued images suggest a .....Read more

Devon Bear Festival / Kingswear Bears / Sarah Davis

Devon Bear Festival

Kingswear Bears / Sarah Davis

My name is Sarah Davis & together with my husband Steve I own Kingswear Bears, the teddy bear shop by the Lower Ferry in Kingswear, just opposite the Steam Railway station. In our shop we have a great range of teddy b.....Read more

degraal / Transformation Creative


Transformation Creative

Life and Busines Coaching with Heart Design with Heart MovingSond Deep Enquiry Music..Read more

liudprand / Electronic music composer


Electronic music composer

My music is a blend of deephouse/techhouse, chilled jazz and melody, with the odd bit of experimental/minimal house, electronic type thing here and there. I compose and produce all my own music as Liudprand. Available .....Read more

Bea's Wax!

Waxing lyrical!

Performance and page poet, actor, stand up comedienne, writer and all round busy Bea. A creative bea who also loves art, photography, old movies and classic cars! ..Read more

Imagination Unleashed / CAT LOVER AND WRITER

Imagination Unleashed


LIFE STORY. I was born in New Malden Surrey to a mother who painted a father who wrote. My sister and I attended the local convent school where my first literary influence was John Keats. My earliest ambition was to ac.....Read more

Allen-G / Art, Design and Photography


Art, Design and Photography

I'm an independent - read "underfunded" - graphic designer, digital artist and photographer. While I will do commercial art, my real interest is in one-off pieces of digital art, either created from scratch or produ.....Read more

Laura Thomas Contemporary Art / Laura Thomas Contemporary Art

Laura Thomas Contemporary Art

Laura Thomas Contemporary Art

HELLO! I am a self employed artist with a Fine Art Degree (BA Hons) and now working in new studio space.The paintings are inspired from my Devonshire surroundings and the colours of the seasons become poignant in each ar.....Read more

Andy Waite / Artist

Andy Waite


Contemporary landscape painting in oils. Based in Arundel, West Sussex 'The paintings speak of histories and experiences of the land, creative imagination being given free rein to spill onto the canvas. Some of the p.....Read more


Artist's Statment

The three themes that inform my research are gender, power and equality. I developed an interest in feminism and how women are depicted in art. In particular I am interested in how artists subvert distinct gender expecta.....Read more

Sarah Foskett / Artist

Sarah Foskett


Abstract artist working in oils, acrylics, collage and photography I concentrate on abstract work in oils and acrylics and also create collage and photographic pieces. I use traditional painting techniques as well as .....Read more

19DJC91 / Artist



I'm Dan Coleborn, I am currently studying for a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Chichester. I like to think I am an ambitious artist, driven mainly by a love for art itself as well as my rather ambitious plans for m.....Read more

ivanunframed / ivanunframed



Ivanunframed is a working name under which are nested a continually evolving series of work. Some of the work is performance or perhaps more situational in style, covering gallery walls in newsprint and drawing an evolv.....Read more

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