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Ben Ellis


Writer based in Worthing..Read more

K. M. Lockwood / Writer

K. M. Lockwood


I am a writer, book reviewer, blogger - and keeper of a writer-friendly B&B in West Wittering. I volunteer for SCBWI [Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators] and I am working with The Golden Egg Academy on .....Read more


Life Drawing Happenings

Friendly, tutored drop-in Life Drawing sessions in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted. Different models, and suitable for all abilities, with a relaxed atmosphere and experienced tutor. We have nice biscuits and a bit of.....Read more

Kate Morton / Theatre Designer

Kate Morton

Theatre Designer

Set and Costume Designer, Scenic Artist, Propmaker and Puppet Maker. I am a set and costume designer with a degree in Theatre Design and experience working in a variety of theatres and companies ranging from small-sca.....Read more

Jason Blackmore / Artist

Jason Blackmore


Professional artist since 2001. Interested in all forms of abstract geometry from early modernism and the Art Deco era through to contemporary minimalism. I use a wide range of materials to construct my pieces, but alw.....Read more

John Woods / Photography

John Woods


Photographer...Read more



Hi My name is Debz and I write poetry , I draw people and fashions, I paint and I am learning as I go along!..Read more

Meadway Mosaics

Mosaic/Etching workshop.

My mosaic / etching workshop l believe is the only one of its type in the country as its run as a non profit making hobby, l charge nothing for myself but ask for a donation towards heating/lighting and materials. I wil.....Read more

majdleen / creative writing


creative writing

hi there , i am a creative writer , hope to join you and enjoy..Read more

Judith Silver / North Watford Community Choir

Judith Silver

North Watford Community Choir

This friendly choir meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7.30 to 9pm. We sing songs and rounds in harmony, in English and sometimes in other languages. Everything is learned by ear and no experience is necessary...Read more

Deborah Templeton

Deborah Templeton

I am a writer, yoga instructor, and teacher of contemplative approaches to creativity. I write short fiction and performance texts, and perform my own work as part of a duo, 'Bespoken'. I also enjoy creative collaboratio.....Read more

Beth Gifford Music Lessons / Violin Viola Piano Music Theory

Beth Gifford Music Lessons

Violin Viola Piano Music Theory

Hi, I'm an experienced music teacher living and teaching in the Stanstead Abbotts/ St Margarets area. I teach in Viola, Violin, Piano and intensive Music Theory and aural coaching. I am passionate and committed to m.....Read more

New Mill Male Voice Choir / A friendly choir with lots of perks

New Mill Male Voice Choir

A friendly choir with lots of perks

Harmony, Performance and Friendship There are as many reasons for joining a choir as there are members. An affinity with music is a good start. Some singers enjoy a weekly two hours away from day-to-day pressure in th.....Read more

Pernille Fraser / Artist

Pernille Fraser


I create artworks using a variety of mediums, with the majority of my influences coming from everyday life- particularly movement, which I am currently focused on capturing in conjunction with moments in stasis and perip.....Read more

Katie Aggett

Fine artist

Fine artist based in Hertfordshire...Read more

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