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West Street Loft Studios / Artist led Studio's

West Street Loft Studios

Artist led Studio's

West Street Loft studios is an Artist led studio space. There are currently twelve artists with studio's. We open to the public once a month on the second Sat of the month from 10-3pm. Current Artists Aron Salanso.....Read more

Westgate Leisure PO19 1RJ

The Chichester Experience

Westgate Leisure Centre, Chichester PO19 1RJ is the venue of Arts and Craft in Action on Sunday 19th October 2014, at which over 50 local and invited artists and craftsmen will be demonstrating their work, from 11am to 4.....Read more

Whispering Woods / Project Profile

Whispering Woods

Project Profile

A mass participation choral project for a promenade audience, Whispering Woods brought together singers from across West Sussex in September 2012 to create a public music performance after dark in specially-lit woodland .....Read more

Williton Parish Council

Exhibition Space and Rooms for Hire

Exhibition Space and rooms for hire for meetings and small events. Window space for arts and crafts in central area of Williton also available...Read more

Wilson's Republic / Huddersfield's Design Network

Wilson's Republic

Huddersfield's Design Network

A Design Network for Huddersfield. Huddersfield has a wealth of creative design talent to be proud of. We should get together once in a while. Wilson's Republic exists to provide a voice for the design community in.....Read more

Winner Street Traders / Events

Winner Street Traders


We are a non-profit organisation with the aim of acting for and on behalf of the traders on Winner Street, Paignton. We aim to provide community focussed events and provide a welcoming and interesting shopping/trading ar.....Read more

WOVEN / Innovation In Textile


Innovation In Textile

WOVEN is the celebration of the district’s globally recognized industry from the past, present and future this summer, putting Kirklees’ textile heritage into the spotlight. WOVEN, supported by the Creative Economy Team .....Read more / online network

online network

Brand new creative site for Somerset, to add the growing family. Visit us to find out about all things creative happening in the wonderful county of Somerset. Just like its big brother it feature.....Read more