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The Painter, The Poet and The Portrait

The Painter, The Poet and The Portrait

On Saturday 3rd August, around 100 people attended the private viewing of the latest exhibition to open in the Community Gallery at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery.

The exhibition entitled ‘the Painter, The Poet and The Portrait’, is a collaboration between Doncaster artist Andrew Farmer, and the ‘Read to Write’ poetry group, which meets in Mexborough and Balby.

Members of the ‘Read to Write’ group were given the challenge of creating a poem in response to one of Andrew’s paintings, and were also offered the opportunity to pose for Andrew so that he could make an original portrait drawing of them.

Andrew’s paintings, the poems made in response to them, and the portrait drawings, have now been brought together in the final exhibition, and can be seen on the gallery walls until the 13th September.

Ian Parks, one of the driving forces behind the ‘Read to Write’ group says, ‘I was really pleased to have the opportunity to write a poem for this project with Andrew. There's a close synergy with poetry and the visual arts, with the process of the act of looking and the act of feeling.

Speaking about his experience of putting the exhibition together Andrew says, "It's been such a pleasure to gain an insight into the world of poetry, but especially the work that's going on locally. Doncaster is home to countless talented creatives and this needs to be celebrated".

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