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Doorstep Arts / Events / Fri 11 to Sat 12 Oct 2013 (2 days)

Gym Party by Made in China

Gym Party by Made in China

Gym Party

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by Made in China
Commissioned by and developed at Battersea Arts Centre.
Co-commissioned by Pulse, Sprint, Mayfest and Sampled festivals.
Made with support from the Almeida Theatre and National Theatre Studio.

7:30 PM
12th October
Acorn Youth Centre, Torquay


‘These are the brains of Those Who Have Passed. Those who could not keep up. Those who lost, the disqualified, the eliminated-from-heats. The dead: the dead-to-us-now.’

From the ‘hot young company’ (Guardian) that sold out the National Theatre in 2012: a razor sharp, slightly dark three-way battle to the death, and hilariously confused call-to-arms. Gym Party is an epic tale of hopeless determination: the brilliant, terrible, universal human desire to win, and go on.

Anarchic, comic and thoughtful, it speaks to anyone who frets about the state of the world, then gets distracted by a dumb celebrity tweet.

Running time: 65 minutes + 15 minute scratch performance by Hugh Nankivell

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