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Opera Mash Up

Opera Mash Up

Welsh National Opera Doorstep Opera: Mash-Up

Do you play an instrument, or sing, or write music, or songs, or imagine stories with sounds? Are you a Diva, a bedroom guitarist, a frustrated performer?

What happens when you share your musical experiences with others – and the world famous Welsh National Opera players and what then emerges?

Would you like to take part in this new creative music project leading to a performance at the Princess Theatre, Torquay on 4th July?

It all begins on Sunday 23rd March between 11am and 1pm and its FREE!
Plus two FREE trips to see Welsh National Opera live!

You’ll get to go and see Welsh National Opera twice (Plymouth 29/03 and Cardiff tbc). Sessions held on Wednesdays at the Palace Theatre 5.30 -7.30pm.

Plus two Sunday Afternoon sessions.

Ages 14+ and appropriate for any instrument or voice in any genre - rock/ classical/folk/rap etc. This is a Torbay mash-up project working alongside Welsh National Opera with Hugh Nankivell and Meg Searle.

Contact Hugh and Meg at if you want to take part or want more information.

For more information visit

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