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English Riviera Geopark / News / Wed 03 Feb 2010

'Viral Video' Aims To Promote Torbay's Stunning Landscape

'Viral Video' Aims To Promote Torbay's Stunning Landscape

The power of the internet is to be harnessed to help promote Torbay's natural attractions.

A new film is being produced which highlights the delights of the English Riviera Geopark and in which the Bay's stunning natural landscape plays a starring role.

An appeal is to go out to everybody in the Bay to pick it up on the internet and pass it on to all their family, friends and customers.

Whether they use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or just plain old email, the hope is the film will go worldwide or 'viral'.

Mel Border, geopark co-ordinator, explained to the geopark steering group that the five-minute locally produced film is designed to go on the internet.

"We want to use social networking sites to spread this film far and wide.

"We are hoping we can get it seen by a massive audience worldwide. South Devon College, Brixham Community College and Torbay Council have already agreed to help."

As well as the five-minute film, there are plans for four extra films featuring Berry Head, Goodrington Seashore Centre, and Kents Cavern.

The aim is to have the films showing on interactive flat screens in locations around the Bay which will also give information about the geopark.

Group chairman Nick Powe said: "This is a really exciting project which will help raise awareness of the geopark and the events going on."

The 'We Love Our Geopark' film is aimed at educating and building awareness of UNESCO's first Urban Global Geopark.

It was commissioned by Torbay's Culture and Environment Partnership and is the result of eight months hard work.

The film traces the unique geology of the area from the formation of the planet 4.56 billion years ago and how our rocks have driven and guided the industries and jobs created in the area and our relationship with the local environment.

Patron of the English Riviera Geopark, BBC's Dr Iain Stewart said: "If a picture is worth a thousand words then a film must be worth a million, especially if the subject matter is as photogenic as the English Riviera Geopark.

"This film is the perfect vehicle for introducing people to the outstanding natural heritage of the English Riviera and for encouraging them to explore the Geopark further."

The film is to be officially launched next month.

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