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A Life in Colour - Exhibition

A Life in Colour - Exhibition

"A Life in Colour" exhibition showcases Marsden artist, Martin Taylor. For 8 years Martin had a studio at Bates Mill in Huddersfield, supported by Artists in Mind. The charity helped those experiencing mental ill health by harnessing the positive benefits of the creative arts.

AiM founder, John Holt has written a fascinating essay "Beyond the Outsider" in response to Martin's exhibition, which you can read here: https://www.enjoyart.co.uk/post/beyond-the-outsider

As John observes, "His work is not always comfortable as with his 'Mad Faces' painting, a fragmented work he said he 'saw' inwardly. 'These people in my paintings seem to come out in me'. He says as though projections from his inner psyche, which of course they are, populating the world in their stark and flat colour."

"Initially his work was more dominated by environmental themes, landscape based but when he was given a studio at AiM (Artists in Mind) his imagination just simply flourished and his work became more personal, became more rooted in the imagination, more free. He found the supportive space an environment in which his personal inner vision, his authentic creativity could flourish. He is plainly obsessed about colour, constantly thinking in colour and transcribing his mental inner visions onto a series of canvases. 'There is always a painting in my head' he states."

This is the first solo exhibition of Martin's painting - the exhibition has been extended until the end of December, due to Government restrictions in November. Gallery opening times are 10am-3pm Wednesday to Saturday but appointments can be made to view the exhibition outside those days/times.

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