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Enjoy Art / Events / Thu 02 to Sun 26 Apr 2015 (4 weeks)

Fiesta! / Art Exhibition

Fiesta! / Art Exhibition

An exhibition of quirky, colourful lino prints inspired by the celebration of festivals.

‘Fiesta!’ is a mix of bold and detailed lino cut artworks that explore Easter, festival King Cakes, (where the person to find a small ceramic amulet in their slice of cake during celebrations is crowned king for the day); and Marsden’s very own Cuckoo Festival. The "Tour de Yorkshire" is also included with the addition of a bicycle wheel or two, as the festivals are intermixed within the compositions as is typical of Christine’s lino cut work.

This is Christine’s first exhibition that consists purely of lino prints; and the theme of festival is a new inspiration to Christine’s work which has previously had a more introspective feel. The rich potential in making playful work around themes of celebration has given a new found freshness to Christine’s work and taken it in exciting new directions.

Meet the Artist 25th April (Cuckoo Day) 6-7pm.

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