Flashing Blades Sword Dancers The Flashing Blades sword dancers

Available for
medieval, renaissance and fantasy fayres across Britain and the European Union,
as well as carnivals, fetes, cabaret, and any other event where you may desire our appearance.

Reasonable and negotiable rates.

This is a new form of sword dancing, performing sword combat moves to music, this is usually very fast and dramatic, and has been enjoyed by young and old alike.  For examples of our performances please visit our website.
The full repertoire consists of of a mixture of solo and tandem sword dances.
In the summer of 2009, Laura began doing a solo sword dancing act for local non-profit events in Torbay. This proved extremely popular with audiences as a dramatic and unusual spectacle, and within a month Dave joined, and now as well as doing their solo acts, Laura and Dave also are preparing to perform as a duo, doing fast sword dances in perfect tandem.

The swords used by The Flashing Blades Sword Dancers are in fact not real blades.
For health and safety, and licensing considerations, the weapons used are LARP-safe. This type of replica weapon is made from a carbon-fibre core, surrounded by foam, and covered with coloured latex. This gives the look of a real weapon but is in fact harmless and completely legal.
They are also much lighter and easier to wield in the fast dances performed.

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Sword dancing team seeking local gigs / Tue 09 Mar 2010

We are now seeking gigs as part of events around the Torbay area for the coming year. Please get in touch with us if interested and wanting more information. Photos, and videos available.