Fontaine is a music partnership consisting of Jennie Farley and Perry Tribble, who have been playing together for the past twelve months. Jennie had been an itinerant singer/songwriter for several years, mostly writing and recording solo. Then in September 2007, Perry, a personal friend and talented guitarist, accepted Jennie's request to accompany her at a gig in Exeter and the two have not looked back, accumulating a host of performances and new material along the way. Jennie and Perry share a highly passionate approach to music and their motivation is to produce original songs that are melodic, heart-felt and lyrically compelling. Although they do not feel they can be closely compared to any specific band or artist, Jennie and Perry cite Thom Yorke, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Joan As Police Woman as just a few of their many sources of creative inspiration. Fontaine have recently spread their musical wings to incorporate percussionist Lee Seager, and they plan to produce their first EP in the upcoming months.

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(Wanting Nothing) Satisfied

Written/recorded 2007 (by Jen Farley)