Found Space / Events / Sat 17 Apr to Fri 14 May 2010 (4 weeks)

Stowage, Exeter

Stowage, Exeter

Some of Exeter’s oldest shopping streets are transformed into a walk-through gallery this Spring. Independent traders in the city’s Fore Street and New Bridge Street are hosting small-scale works by more than 20 artists from across the UK. Each work is built in or around an old-fashioned sweet jar and themes include everything from the area’s rich trading history to explorations of nostalgia and preservation.

Artists include: Andrea Zapp, Ben Cook, Bill Longshaw, Chris Knight, Chrissie Morgan, David Chatton Barker, Elizabeth Lancaster-Thomas, Felicity Shillingford, Fiona Hamilton & Jane Lawrence, Gabrielle Hoad, Hilary Jack, Isgard Bright-Roberts & Jeremy Haughty, Janet Griffiths, Jill Randall, John Goodwin, Kwong Lee, Laurel Coxon, Maddy Pethick, Megan Calver, Scott Daniels & Ben Langworthy, Steven Paige.

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