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Gaye Daniels / News / Mon 10 Jan 2022

Painting for beginners

Painting for beginners

Learn to paint and have fun.

No experience necessary and all materials will be provided.

In our group and private lessons, no one says they’ve made a mistake. If your painting is not quite what you were planning then you can change it. After all, it’s your painting and you are the artist – so nobody knows what your intention was. And we will guide you of course.

Our lessons and courses are a complete beginner’s course for those who want a general overview and introduction to drawing and painting.

You will be introduced to a variety of techniques and the formal elements of painting and drawing. This will include, line, colour, texture, form, perspective and many more. You will also experiment with a wide range of mediums, ranging from pencil, charcoal and, acrylics. The aim of the course is to develop your own creative pathway through fundamental painting and drawing techniques.

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