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Green Hill Arts & Heritage / Events / Sat 04 Feb to Sat 18 Mar 2017 (1 month)



entrance a means by which something is entered
entrance affect with wonder and seemingly put into a trance

Chernobyl exclusion zone, a former psychiatric hospital a displacement camp. Print, photography, silverpoint drawings, video: three artists whose works movingly bring together fragments of lives lost.

Sarah Bennett, Claire Gladstone and Carol Harvey, powerfully provoke institutionalised loss, creating a treasury of what culture and society mostly would rather forget. Their unspoken invitation is for us to engage, think, empathise, go deep, slow down, take time for reflection, be still, and most importantly to question: to whom do these leavings, these exposed traces, bits and pieces of our world belong? Are they collectively ours to remember? How do we, in this over-exposed sound-bitten era humanly, humanely, respond?

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