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In Extremis Images of Landscape

In Extremis Images of Landscape

In Extremis Images of Landscape
C.R. Brownridge and Deborah Westmancoat
February 2 – 14 April

This exhibition is concerned with understanding landscape and our place within it. Both exhibiting artists have worked extensively in the South West, particularly Somerset and Devon. C. R. Brownridge (1947-2010) was intensely interested in the visual drama of landscape in extremis when high winds, snow, ice or heavy rains had charged a specific landscape with raking light or intense stillness. This interest was underpinned by study of weather and climate change due to global warming. Flooded landscapes became a life long interest as well as a source of enduring concern. Deborah Westmancoat is a contemporary painter based in Somerset. She is engaged in a long-term project researching the four classical stages of alchemy and how these might become apparent within the natural environment. Streamwater, puddles, hoar frost and hailstones were collected from sites around Dartmoor and incorporated into recent paintings, each subtly referencing the inherent mystery and charge of water found in quiet places.

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