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Introduction to Beginner's Italian

Introduction to Beginner's Italian

An introduction to beginner's Italian – a realtime online summer course

Have you ever been to Italy and found you wanted to be able to speak some Italian? Perhaps you are planning a trip in the future and you would like to be prepared?

This is a short, 6-week course for those who are interested in learning Italian, for travel, tourism and business purposes.
We will look at a different topic each week (eg food, transport, etc) and cover basic grammar and cultural practices.

Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: Eating and drinking
Week 3: Travel and transport
Week 4: Getting About
Week 5: Accommodation
Week 6: Shopping

Learners booking on this course will also need a copy of the book ’15-minute Italian’, priced at £8. The book is easy to understand and comes with some exercises and a free app to help with pronunciation and vocabulary and will support the online lessons.

For more information visit https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/microsites/adult-learning/find-a-course/event-booking/67a7cb93-a796-4223-b672-54fb5978a77d

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