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This is an opportunity for Schools, youth clubs and communities in Brighton and Hove to be involved with creative dance workshops and performances promoting young people's self-esteem, motivation and engagement.

How would you like your children to develop their self-esteem, self-achievement and exercise their creativity through engagement in dance? HannahPickettDance Project provides an opportunity to actively engage young people in performing and creating dance, whilst building their communication and creativity skills. It empowers young people to create and express themselves through movement and teamwork, and uses influences from a selection of dance styles including Kathak, Bangladeshi, Street, Hip Hop, b-boying, and African. 
HannahPickettDance Project is currently working with a variety of year groups in London Schools and now has expanded to Brighton. We offer PPA cover, specialist sessions, community projects, youth club sessions, performance projects and extra curricular activities. 

Please email hannahp_8291@hotmail.com for a information pack about how your school and youth club can get involved.

View my website http://www.hannahpickettdance.com/

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136a Elm Grove, Brighton

Telephone: 07856 104 224
Email: hannahp_8291@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.hannahpickettdance.com/

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