Harbour House / Events / Tue 03 to Sun 08 Dec 2019 (6 days)

Connection: The Art of Three

Connection: The Art of Three

Melanie O’Hanlon, Sue Rossiter and Claire Scott explore the idea of connection using clay, paper and paint. For this exhibition they come together as a group to discover how their individual approaches, using line, pattern and colour, are also connected.

10 am - 5 pm Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 3 pm Sunday.

Claire sees repetitive rhythms and pattern. She recognises them as a universal language, not only connecting people on a global level, but also linking us to the natural world. Her subjects are the glanced, the transient and the unspoken, from the brief glimpse of a deep sea kelp forest to the emotional journey of an unavoidable goodbye.

Sue’s practice celebrates our need to make through figurative and sculptural forms. She chooses methods that utilise hand articulation that bridge clay and fibre processes, using surface pattern and repetition to heighten the level of attention she wants viewers to notice about the joy of making.

Melanie’s work is concerned with the idea that all things are connected. A universal life force flowing through all things, creating unique expressions. She uses the formal elements of line, shape, form, pattern, texture and colour to emphasise this connection and the potential harmony and balance inherent within it.

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