Harbour House / Events / Fri 17 to Wed 22 May 2019 (6 days)

Porcelain and Paint

Porcelain and Paint

An exhibition of paintings by Jane Hagan and ceramics by Tim Gee.

"Our exhibition together will illustrate aspects of the journey we undertook all those years ago. Culminating in our current work, Tim’s porcelain will explore texture and colour applied to lidded containers and Jane’s canvases are an exploration in abstract expressionism."

Jane Hagan is drawn to water and as a sailor and scuba instructor she spends a lot of time near, on or in the water, the freedom of movement feeding into her artwork with spontaneity.

Tim Gee: "In 1996 random chance allowed me to touch clay for the first time, an epiphany that has led to a glorious life of enthusiasm (and penury). My new work consists of a range of enclosed forms with textured exteriors; from very smooth to extremely rugged, each exterior is paired with a glossy coloured interior. This is a range of work designed specifically to be caressed; touch and exploration is vital to the appreciation of the work."

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