Harbour House / Events / Tue 17 to Sun 29 Sep 2019 (2 weeks)

Recent Works

Recent Works

An exhibition by Susie David.

"Water informs my work and at times forms it directly; and although I have a regular studio practice I also have an outside practice, often at the water’s edge, among other such liminal zones. I make close observations, documenting with, for example, digital film, and I also make interactions and responses, using eco-friendly materials, resulting in drawings, material samplings, sculptures and text-based work."

Eastern philosophies and Japanese aesthetics influence her practice, which she shares via exhibitions, publications, collaborations, residencies, lectures, workshops and online.

"When I paint in the studio, I emulate water, and re-enact water happenings, whilst lightly holding an awareness of conveying this through my own particular — human — presence: I articulate a spontaneity of gesture, while allowing the play of indeterminacy, or chance, conferred by fluid pigment. The Eastern principle of Wu-wei is important in my practice — of action without forcing, thus, works are intended to be uncontrived and left raw with tell-tale traces of their making bearing witness to process. On the paper, panel or canvas a kind of visual music emerges out of this process painting, and although representation is not sought, echoes of seascapes might be found; however, it is fluidity itself that is the intrigue."

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