Harbour House / Events / Tue 10 to Sun 15 Dec 2019 (6 days)



Donna Lawley Hopton shows a collection of paintings in oil and graphite produced in homage to the beauty of the animal kingdom.

A few years ago Donna joined the Devon Badger Group, which had formed to protect this elusive species and to bring its plight to the attention of the public. In learning about biodiversity and environmental politics she felt driven to speak out through her art.

The paintings are a combination of oil paint and graphite sketches. Paintings are largely worked out on the board, not in a sketchbook, and retain the marks that have been made along the way, suggesting movement and time. Small areas, usually the face, are finished off in oil in fine detail, paying homage to the exquisite beauty we stand to lose.

The ambiguity of Donna’s paintings is deliberate, and she leaves them apparently unresolved to reflect this critical moment in our environmental history.

Kevin Lawley shows chairs that he’s rescued from the streets and rejuvenated with creative carving and painting.

"By carving into the frames, whilst allowing some of the original design to remain, I hope to celebrate the incredible natural resource that is wood, and the myriad of ways it can be worked. The images painted on the seat are a nod to the production methods that were a result of the mechanisation of the furniture industry."

Open daily, 10 am - 4 pm.

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