Hazel Strange

Hazel Strange / Events / Tue 07 to Sun 19 Jun 2016 (2 weeks)

In a Landscape

In a Landscape

In 2013/14 we took part in a year-long collaboration, leading to Four Seasons, at Harbour House, in June 2014. It wasn’t just about the exhibition, although we were delighted with it. We all particularly enjoyed our collaborations and outdoor working throughout the year.

For 2016 we chose In a Landscape. The phrase means a variety of things to each of us, and has allowed exploration of the meanings of landscape, physical and metaphorical, together and individually.

We’ve visited other artist’s exhibitions, including Kurt Jackson and Richard Long. We’ve worked together in Kingsbridge and in other locations. We’ve talked about what Landscape means to each of us, and explored some other responses to Landscape in music, poetry, prose, as well as working in our usual media.

Artists’ sketchbooks, experiments and ephemera will also be in the gallery.

For more information visit http://www.harbourhouse.org.uk/g16-inalandscape.shtml

Event Location

Harbour House

The Promenade

Email: hazelstrange@madasafish.com
Website: http://www.harbourhouse.org.uk/g16-inalandscape.shtml