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Hazel Strange / News / Thu 05 Sep 2013

Four Seasons (or 7 go mad in Devon!)

Four Seasons (or 7 go mad in Devon!)

We're all familiar with the image of a lonely artist working in a freezing garret. Well, not quite, but for many artists, much of their work is done alone in the studio, or perhaps with an easel and paints alone on the cliff edge.

For a change, South Hams Artist Hazel Strange invited 6 artist friends to work together over the next year, culminating in an exhibition at Harbour House in June 2014.

The group will work together in each season to share ideas and techniques.

Our first creative session (Summer) was at South Milton Sands on 28th August and we will be meeting again in the Autumn. Our resulting paintings, drawings, sketchbooks and photos will be on show in our exhibition in June.

For more information visit http://www.harbourhouse.org.uk/gallery-fourseasons14.html

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Email: hazelstrange@madasafish.com
Website: http://www.harbourhouse.org.uk/gallery-fourseasons14.html

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