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Call for Music Creators: COVID-19 Commissioning Fund

Call for Music Creators: COVID-19 Commissioning Fund

With our COVID-19 Commissioning Fund, hcmf// is looking to establish immediate paid opportunities for UK-based music creators, responding to the financial and professional complications artists face in the wake of the current pandemic.

Through the contributions of our audience and supporters, we will be offering five artists a commission worth £1,000, with the resulting pieces appearing at a future edition of hcmf//. Through these commissions, we hope to help address the financial strain COVID-19 has had on music creators, while also providing a platform for their work when live music returns.

This open call is accessible to any music creator based in the UK. We are interested in all formats – whether you write notated music, work as a composer-performer, create sound art, or fit into a different category entirely. If you’re making music, you’re eligible.

Selected through an open call, our five artists will be chosen by a panel including hcmf// Artistic Director Graham McKenzie, along with composers Laura Bowler and Scott McLaughlin – two artists who have previously appeared at hcmf// as part of our Talent Development programmes.

Find out more on how to apply on our website: https://hcmf.co.uk/call-for-music-creators-covid-19-commissioning-fund/

For more information visit https://hcmf.co.uk/call-for-music-creators-covid-19-commissioning-fund/

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