hcmf// / Events / Sat 16 to Sat 30 Jan 2021 (2 weeks)

hcmf// Rewind 2020

hcmf// Rewind 2020

We’re delighted to announce reruns for a number of hcmf// 2020 events. Originally streamed as part of our online programme for last year’s festival, you can now catch these events for a limited time as part of our festival rewind. Whether you want to catch up on what you missed, or watch an event again, we’re providing an early fix of hcmf// to kick off 2021.

Throughout the remainder of January, we’ll be running one-off streams for a selection of the hcmf// 2020 performances. We’re excited to reshare Anna Koch and Claudia Molitor’s discrete and spatial audio-visual collaboration, as well as Matt Wright’s sample-heavy composition Locked Hybrids.

There will also be second showings for Thin Air, performed by Mandhira de Saram and Matt Calvert, as well as pianist Sarah Cahill’s concert championing innovative women composers.

The mini programme wraps up with Raymond MacDonald and Rachel Joy Weiss in their bizarre and wickedly funny online improvisation, and the chance to watch back a performance from our first Unbound Listening event, featuring underground musicians Aya Metwalli and Anthony Sahyoun.

For more information visit https://hcmf.co.uk/hcmf-rewind-2020/

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