Tree Boat

Tree Boat

laser cut frosted polypropylene, exhibited as part of a site specific exhibit in the Sir Joseph Bank's Conservatory, Lincoln, curated by Anneka French.
Photo credit: Kirsty E. Smith

Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory
Meleager’s Garland
30 - 31 May 2010

Over the 30th and 31st May 2010, the Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory in Lincoln hosted a collection of multidisciplinary artwork in support of Cancer Research UK. Meleager’s Garland included a diverse selection of work explorig themes of biology, place, exploration and history. Meleager’s Garland included interpretations based on Sir Joseph Banks' recognised botanical notoriety - Kirsty E. Smith’s otherworldly specimens and Alex Pearl’s drawing evoke Banks’ spirit of discovery, while Julia Hembrow and Stan Lenartowi.
The word ‘anthology’ previously only described collections of plants and ideas of collection and classification were prevalent throughout; from Pamina Stewart, Alexis Rago, Helen Snell and James Wilkinson
While Julia Hembrow and Stan Lenartowicz’s prints refer to Banks more directly, Banks’ lesser known local links were reflected by Rebecca Wombell’s installation, based upon his Lincolnshire home at Revesby.
Ideas inspired by the conservatory, of growth and environment, were epitomised by work from Zoe Maxwell, Kyle Kirkpatrick and Liam Herne. Andrew Bracey, Claire Brewster, Sarah Nicholson and Ruth Piggott used found materials to create work that treads navigates between the man-made and the natural, producing new possibilities and otherworldly experiences. Meleager’s Garland is named after the Greek poet Meleager who first assembled an ‘anthology’ of poetry, The Garland, referenced through Katrina Naomi’s poetry.

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