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Simon Michael : A Life of Crime

Simon Michael : A Life of Crime

Don't miss the exciting opportunity to attend 'A Life in Crime' with Barrister and Crime Fiction writer, Simon Michael, as part of our Herts Writers series.

'A Life in Crime' will see Simon, creator of the Charles Holborne London gangster series, share a myriad of fascinating experiences from 40 years at the Bar, as well as an insight into his latest Charlie Holborne book, 'Corrupted', published just 2 days before.

The Herts Writers talks are free to attend but space is limited and we expect Simon's talk to be very popular, so please notify Hitchin Library of your interest in person, by phone on 0300 123 4049 or online by sending Hitchin Library a direct message on Facebook/Twitter @hitchinlibrary

Simon Michael is on twitter @simonmichaeluk , on Facebook @simonmichael.uk , with website at www.simonmichael.uk

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