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Herts Visual Arts Launches New Christmas Showcase 2020

Herts Visual Arts Launches New Christmas Showcase 2020

14th November 2020 Press and Event launch.

2020 has certainly been different, but it’s also brought an even stronger focus to wide-ranging benefits of the arts: creating, experiencing, enjoying. Here at Herts Visual Arts we’ve doubled down on both supporting our members and also sharing art with the wider community.

Launching 14th November and running through to the end of the year, our Christmas Showcase takes full advantage of new website gallery, video, theme and social media features. Moving on-line for September’s Open Studios in this, our 30th celebration year, paved the way for this Showcase and also our 2021 calendar.

One thing is certain, the future beckons. Virtual events, browsing, shopping, alongside a renewed desire to support local communities, is truly here to stay. With this in mind we’re inviting the whole of Hertfordshire (and beyond) to join our seasonal visual arts celebration during almost 50 days to the end of 2020. We’re bringing artists, artisans and art-lovers together to support and promote our independent, small, local businesses.

What can the on-line visitor see? Explore virtual art trails and on-line galleries on our website and social media platforms. From the comfort of your own home, or wherever you might be, browse the work of our vibrant artists' community. You'll find art plus artisan-made gifts, homewares, decorative and functional items including cards and stationery. Be inspired by the skill and variety of work on show: wall art, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery and so much more. Perhaps you'll find something you need, unique treats or gifts for yourself or someone else.

Artists will also be posting about their work on Instagram and Facebook, so it is entirely possible to have a new adventure every day. Follow #HertsChristmasArts for up-to-the-minute content, with a special focus on Social Media stories, video and connections. Some specific event dates include:

21st November 2020 Christmas Showcase Video and Flipbook launch

28th November 2020 (pm) Special Christmas Showcase Live across social media

5th December 2020 (pm) Special Christmas Showcase Live across social media

#HertsChristmasArts is fully accessible on phones, tablets, computers or other internet-connected devices. The curated event on our website frees visitors to explore their own personal trails via art media, theme and other personal searches. #HertsChristmasArts pulls visitors into our social media Wall of live information: up-to-the-minute collated news.

We’re bringing art into the heart of our communities. With no physical restrictions on venues, opening times, holidays, school dates or travel, we can share seasonal interpretations in a highly visual on-line experience. Our members are professional and amateur visual artists, makers and designers who sharing their work, studios, workshops and exhibitions via a full and exciting range of online offerings, supported by deep and flexible on-line search capabilities.

Looking for something special? Want to get to know an artist or see them at work? Artist Galleries are a great starting point – each one an opportunity to experience diverse in-progress or finished work, to meet artists or experience their creative process through videos. Art in the moment with live events and video content on social media provides instant connection too.

We truly expect our virtual visitors to see work that they love and perhaps want to purchase – it’s simply a case of getting in contact with that artist to arrange a safe transaction. Purchasing art direct from an artist is always special. From greetings cards, though prints to original statement pieces, there’s bound to be something for every pocket and taste. There’s also something unique and special in understanding the story behind or in a piece of art that you later take home to enjoy. In these difficult times, it’s also very rewarding to meet the person who has created that work – a special kind of Shop-Local experience.

“This new event is another example of the three core ways Herts Visual Arts aims to support our members journey as well as the wider community” said Herts Visual Arts Chair, Hillary Taylor, who continued “We want everyone to feel connected and supported, to grow their digital skills and also experience opportunities for wider visibility. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our members to shine and for audiences to safely venture around the county into an amazing world of art and potential.”

It’s Free: Art adventures on whatever devices you use to browse the internet are waiting for you. Videos, live events, meetings and conversations, there will be so much to experience.

Optimised for mobile, our website an amazing way for you to navigate by artist, artform, theme and more. Join the social media story with #HertsChristmasArts.

Check our website: Our most accurate information is on-line, perhaps with special events, local art trails, up-to-date news and more https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/christmas-showcase.

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Herts Visual Arts is the largest county-wide volunteer-run organisation for amateur and professional artists and makers in Hertfordshire. An annual programme includes members meetings, exhibitions, Art Showcases, the Big Art Fair and Herts Open Studios.

Many artists join simply to be part in Open Studios each year, but there is so much more to the excellent value annual membership (currently just £40 per year, with senior concessions available).

Benefits of annual membership include a gallery on the HVA web site, social media promotion across HVA platforms and a PRIVATE Facebook group to connect with other members. There’s also access to opportunities and a full annual programme of meetings and events, just for members. A monthly newsletter includes news, opportunities and exhibitions across Hertfordshire, as well as hints, tips and articles marketing and more. Members can also promote their workshops, classes, exhibitions and publications and contribute to the newsletter itself. 2020 has seen significant additional member benefits added to our web site, including virtual events, Themes and more.

Non-members can sign up for our newsletter.

*Registration for Open Studios and our Makers/Art Fairs is not included in membership, and full membership must be taken out to take part in our events.

14th November – 31st December 2021: #HertsChristmasArts Christmas Showcase https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/christmas-showcase

18th January 2021: Members Conference https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/members-conference

20th/21st March 2021: Makers Fair https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/makers-fair

16th-18th July: Big Art Fair. https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/big-art-fair

September: Herts Open Studios https://www.hvaf.org.uk/our-events/herts-open-studios-2021

The easiest way to join HVA is online: www.hvaf.org.uk

Twitter: @HVAF #HertsOpenStudios

Instagram @HertsVisualArts

Facebook: @HertsVisualArts

Press Release by Hillary Taylor chair@hvaf.org.uk

Press contacts are:

For marketing email marketing@hvaf.org.uk

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For more information visit https://www.hvaf.org.uk/open-studios/theme/christmas-showcase

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