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Centurion Racing

Centurion Racing

Centurion Racing was established in August 2005 after seeing the potential of their very first rider for the team, after watching him test. It was decided to establish the team from what it was to what it is now, Centurion Racing. Vast changes were needed and implemented during the 2005 season. It was a gamble to make such dramatic changes mid season, but it paid off.

After employing a young rider in 2006 the team dominated the British Supersport Cup campaign with 12 wins out of 12 races. This made world history as no other race team had ever achieved this. They also won the cup again in 2007 with James Westmoreland.

The website brings together many dynamic components to provide visitors with the latest information from the team. The site contains a dynamic news system where many parameters can be assigned to display relevant news in the various sections of the site. News can be assigned to riders, races, championships, seasons and authors, which the website applications then use to display news relevant to the area being displayed.

Hierarchical photo galleries can be linked to the race calendar and photos inserted into news items with links. The race calendar shows a list of past and upcoming races, linked to detailed information about each race venue, with an interactive layout and satellite map showing track info and details of each corner on the circuit.

Dynamic team profiles and sponsor pages allow users to find out detailed information about the team. The front-end applications tie together all this information to allow vistiors easy access to the vast amount of information on the site.

For more information visit http://centurionracing.com/

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