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Holmfirth Arts Festival / News / Tue 25 Aug 2020

Get involved with Holmfirth Arts Festival 2020

Get involved with Holmfirth Arts Festival 2020

This year’s Holmfirth Arts Festival may have moved online, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with arts and creativity for all ages.
The 2020 event is set to take place as a digital festival over three nights, from 18-20 September, with live and pre-recorded performances made especially to celebrate our unique area.
We have invited the best local, national and international artists to respond to the theme of the environment in all its diversity.
The festival is usually held on the streets and venues of Holmfirth and always encourages the community to get involved, be it making banners for the parade or producing art and poetry.
This year we have a number of opportunities for you to experience; some installations which can be seen outdoors and other creative work, which can be done at home and be included as part of the festival celebration.
There is an opportunity to create your own puppet and possible festival star, with workshops starting next Tuesday 1 September, 2020 and includes all materials and free sessions online.
+ Our Puppets in Place project is being held in partnership with Woven in Kirklees by The Children’s Arts School, Liz Walker and Callaloo Carnival Arts.
See puppets and textiles come together. Pick up your free materials from Holmfirth Tech, at 140 Huddersfield Road and then attend at least two zoom sessions about making puppets and performance skills between 1 and 13 September.
We will capture the puppets perform and it will be shown as part of the festival.
This project is suitable for children and their families. Details and sign up here: www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/puppets-in-place
+ Poems and stories on the spot: Send us your words and ideas and members of Holmfirth Writers’ Group will turn them into a poem, letter or short story. It could be about your favourite place in the Holme Valley, your favourite animal, your least favourite food or even a sunshine poem for someone special.
The deadline is Friday 28 August. More details: https://www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/poems-and-stories-on-the-spot
+ Help us to create a Recycled Forest in the shop windows of Holmfirth. Check out the shop windows for an eco-forest of recycled paper trees. You can contribute from home.
See the simple tutorial pages on our website. More details: https://www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/participate

+ Look out for our Solarphones, created by Chris Roffoni, which are in Holmside Gardens, Holmfirth, beside the River Holme.
These unique solar powered instruments comprising chaotic mechanical systems contained within wooden enclosures, each contain tuneable guitar strings; produce random sequences of notes, dictated by the amount of sunlight. The project supported by Sound and Music via the Francis Chagrin Award.

+ Don’t forget to seek out a new set of special sculptures, being installed in early September, which will remain in Holmfirth after the festival. Carbon Capture Sculpture is to be installed in Sands Recreation Ground, Huddersfield Road, HD9 3TS, in a special commission featuring work by Leilah Vyner, of Dragon Willow.
The willow sculptures, including deer, heron and harlequin trees will link together to form a domed structure.

More information www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk

For more information visit http://www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/

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