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Holmfirth Arts Festival / Events / Sat 15 to Sun 16 Jun 2019 (2 days)

Grass Man at Holmfirth Arts Festival 2019

Grass Man at Holmfirth Arts Festival 2019

Grass Man
Free event
Grass Man is part-sculpture part-performance body of work using a living malleable 3D living costume made from grass, flower and other flora.
The roaming performance explores the connection we have with nature and the lingering green spaces in our urban environment.
Through an embrace of the absurd with a hint of mysticism the audience becomes part of the spectacle of the Grass Man.
Also see him as part of the Textile Parade at Holmfirth Arts Festival 2019 on Sunday 16 June from 2pm.

Grass Man will be performing and mingling with crowds on the streets of Holmfirth town centre on Saturday 15 June between 12 noon and 4pm and on Sunday 16 June from 12 noon-3pm.

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Holmfirth town centre


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