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British Pantomime Academy School Tours

British Pantomime Academy School Tours


We're here to save the holidays! We'll bring the magic of Panto to every child. 


British Pantomime Academy is keen to protect and continue the magic of Pantomime by providing the chance for young people to still be able watch and participate in an interactive Panto. As this can be some children's first theatrical experience, we consider this to be a very important tradition which must be upheld. This year we are offering two popular stories of Cinderella and Aladdin. 

Book your school tour now and experience the magic of Panto (for just a fraction of the cost!) performed by West End Professionals!

We are offering all schools the option of performing the production more than once, making it possible to adhere to social distancing regulations and allowing all students to enjoy the magic of Pantomime.

We are happy to work with class bubbles and year bubbles, dependent on how your school is running social distancing measures! In order to keep students safe, we are updating our policies on how we can perform our shows on a weekly basis. This would involve no singing or physical interaction, yet still creating a fun and entertaining experience, using visual performance, incredible magic and spectacular costumes.
Each show has a small cast of performers including a cameo role especially written for a member of your staff!  ALL SHOWS ARE SELF-CONTAINED AND RUN FOR 60 MINUTES.

PRICE: £4.50 per child(minimum 100 children)

Protect the magic of PANTOMIME by booking one (or two) of our exciting new productions this year!

Tour available: October 2020 - 2021

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