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Glad Friday

Glad Friday

On 29th March 2019 at 7pm, at the Lucky 7 Club in Paignton there is going to be a final musical performance by the extraordinary creative force that is The Choral Engineers of their finale ‘Glad Friday’ which is non-coincidentally also the third part of their Brexit Triptych as they have been tracking Brexit from ‘Invoking 50 Articles’ through ‘Dancing on Eggshells’ right up until this, the moment of truth! This all from a choir who steadfastly refuse to compromise and who consist of remainers and brexiteers alike. The performance will include growling like badgers, singing like angels, documentary film, an extraordinary band (consisting of players who have worked with Mike Westbrook, Peter Gabriel, Annie Whitehead, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Birdy) songs of endings and crises, songs of joy and unreliable histories. This all from a group who have been an unpredictably glorious energy in Torbay and beyond for the past 4 years.

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Event Location

The Lucky 7 Club

Dendy Rd, Paignton

Telephone: 07891 087 581