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Grew up in St Ives.
Consequently constantly asking myself 'WTF IS ART'?
Ended up in cartographic draughtmanship.
Computers happened.
Now i am trying to have fun with materials and techniques - 1. Because it is so much fun and 2. Because i enjoy the discipline of painting.
Admit, still have a tendancy to work from a draughtsmans table, under halogen, one small section of medium exposed at a time, washing my hands every hour.
Used to working with a pen an n'th of a mm thick on plastic film and old habits die hard.
Uncomfortable with some of the attitudes, egos and prices you come across in the art world and think i prefer subculture to culture.
Generally ply my wares part time at car boot sales and endevour to ensure that prices are a true reflection of materials and time - even if it does mean that sometimes equates to working for an hourly rate firmly embedded into the pence side of our monetary system.
My endless gratitude to Bryce and Hannah at Epicentre in Paignton - 1. For exhibiting my work, 2. For bringing something good to Paignton and 3. For the food and coffee - my personal best is three cakes and i can't decide which was best!
Of course, i wouldn't consider any blog (is that what this is?) complete without pointing out that i owe the most to my biggest supporter and best friend - my wife Nicky - who is so much more talented than me.
I appreciate your time and welcome any comments - perhaps we learn the most from our mistakes?
Thanks everyone - get to Paignton and support Epicentre.

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