Ione Georgia Grace

Ione Georgia Grace Textile and Fashion Designer

I am currently in my final year of my FdA in Three Dimensional Design I am focusing on developing screen printed fabrics. My recent work explores surface print and the garment; how the form of the print and the form of the body connect. My ultimate aim is to give the illusion of a simply cut garment with the use of an attractive print.

As well as developing my screen printing techniques I also look very closely into fabric manipulation and embellishment. I love the use of experimentation on textiles and am open to lots of new techniques.

During my foundation degree I have taken the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and processes including metals, jewelry, ceramics as well as textiles.

I have always had a growing love for fashion and textiles and am currently looking for an apprenticeship or internship within the fashion or/and textiles industry.

My Location

United Kingdom

122 Ellacombe Church Road

Telephone: 07825 185 189

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