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James Derwin / Events / Sat 14 Apr 2012

'Affirmation' Affirmative Late night opening LIVE MUSIC

'Affirmation' Affirmative Late night opening  LIVE MUSIC

Saturday 14th April, 7-9 p.m.

Late opening including LIVE MUSIC and refreshments.

Last opportunity to come meet the artists and people involved.The latest art exhibition at The Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey is called 'Affirmation'. Its a free art exhibition with artists exploring the theme of 'Affirmation'. The artwork ranges from a reflective cave, mid-air sculpture, a view of the earth from space and video. It offers the audiences opportunity to interact with the artwork and think about what affirms them as individuals. It is a chance to see multi-media artwork from some of the most well known and new local artists, also featuring a guest artist all the way from Poland.

The Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, TQ2 5JE.

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